RPA Developer Interview Questions – Part 1

Blue Prism vs UiPath

 ParameterBlue PrismUiPath
InstallationBased on windows packages.
Database and additional configurations can also be done easily after the installation.
The Studio is easy to install as it is just a windows package but the Orchestrator needs a lot of care during installation.
DeploymentCreate a package (Blue Prism Studio | Releases |Package), export it and import it.Connect the Studio and the Orchestrator to trigger the processes. Once the process is published in the Orchestrator, a new version is created. If you intend to move that version to a different platform, disconnect from the existing Orchestrator and then publish again as a new one.
Readability of ProcessProcess flow becomes comfortable and can resize or re colour the elements as per choice.Cannot customize the process flow elements and their attributes.
RecordersRecorders not AvailableRecorder is available
Exception HandlingUses Blocks for Try Catch mechanismHas traditional Try Catch activities
Robot ModeWorks on unattended robot mode of RPA.Works on both unattended and attended robot mode of RPA.
ArchitectureDesigned on client-server architecture.The core of UiPath’s design is web-based orchestrator.
Control RoomProvides only app-based accessibility.User can access both on browser and mobile.
CalendarHas custom calendar for scheduling robots.Does not have custom calendar feature.
Robot Credential maintenanceHas free inbuilt feature which use to change the credentials of the robots after certain time.Does not have free feature for robot credential maintenance; in case you desire, you need to add a paid service, CyberArk or write custom code to perform the same

How to open a PDF file in Blue Prism?

There are 2 way to do:

  1. By using Start process Action:
    • Use “Start Process” Action from “Utility-Environment” VBO
    • Define Adobe Reader .exe path in Application value
    • Define the file path in the argument value
  2. By using Application Modeller:
    • Create an object and configure the application modeler(Window Application | Adobe Reader .exe Path).
    • Spy Window element (Win 32 mode | Region Mode).
    • In Object Action use a Navigate Stage and select the Launch Action with the Root Element.
    • To copy the text: use Global send key Ctrl+a and ctrl+c

Note: If you get an error message, Disable the Protected Mode at Startup in Adobe( open Adobe Navigate to Edit / Preferences / Security (Enhanced) |”Enable Protected Mode at Startup”, make sure it’s unchecked)

What is Environment Locking Concept in Blue Prism?

  • Environment Lock is a key or token that a process must obtain as “permission” to take/use a path/file.
  • Using Environment Lock, multiple machines can work from the same queue at the same time. Each retrieving different cases to work and thus allow to scale efficiently.
  • When there is only one lock and more than one instance of a process is running, the instances must compete for the lock

How to use Environment Locks?

You can use the VBO: Environment Locking.

To acquire a lock use “Acquire lock” Action and “Release lock” Action to release the lock

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System Manager | Workflow | Environment Lock: When we request a lock, it created automatically if it doesn’t exist.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png
  • Prevent multiple bots from accessing the same path of a process.
  • Once a bot acquires the lock by getting a token, other bots cant access that particular environment until the first bot release the lock or token.
  • Avoid deadlock between many bots for shared resources
  • Bot execute Acquire lock stage, it checks if a lock named “Test” exists in the list of environment locks. If the lock doesn’t exist it create a new lock and it also acquires the lock but if the lock exists then it checks if the lock already acquired by some other bot. if not it acquires the lock and returns the token number as o/p but if it acquired already then o/p would be blank.

Hope this helps!!! Keep Learning.

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