Challenges faced while implementing Excel + Web Automation POC Use Case

Overview of Use Case:

In this use case, we are going to build a workflow that mainly involves Excel and Web Activities. The below picture depicts the flow of the use case:

The flow of use case

In this article, we are going to learn about the challenges I faced while implementing this use case along with that we will also see the way in which I found solutions for it.

Challenge 1: Identifying whether to use Excel or Workbook Activities

As we know in UiPath we have to set of activities that are Excel and Workbook activities. Now let’s understand what’s the difference between them and when should you use a particular activity.

Excel Activities: are used when the system in which the process is executing has Microsoft Excel installed.

Workbook Activities: are used when the system in which the process is executing does not have excel installed. 

Challenge 2: Indicating anchors where the web page had duplicate fields

As we can see in the webpage there are duplicate fields so anchors must be used to let the bot indicate each field uniquely. 

Let’s first understand how can we identify anchors: so as we can see each field where the data is to be typed has the field name above it now that can be used as anchors to uniquely identify each field. 

Also, instead of using the anchor activity where we first use an activity to identify a field and then another activity to type

There is another way of indicating multiple anchors for a single field in UiPath using UIAutomationNext.Activities. Check the below playlist to learn about the package in detail.

Challenge 3: Handling the exception of Invalid Data in Excel File

There can be situations wherein when I make taking the data from an excel file but the data is either not present or not acceptable on the web page.

For example: If the scenario is to read the email id but while reading the email id is either not present or is invalid(no @, no .com is present). In that case, we can generate an exception data table, and whenever such kind of scenario we can add the following row data to it and then proceed to the next row. In this way, at the end of the process, we will also have an excel file that has a list of invalid data. 

The above were the challenges that I faced while implementing this use case.

I hope this article helps you to understand a better approach to build workflows. The complete implementation of the use case is shown in the below video.

Please feel free to share your suggestions below in the comments section.

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