How To: Inject JS – Play with Java Script – UiPath (By Karthik)

In this example, we will see how to use Inject JS Script activity in Uipath to perform multiple actions on a webpage without using the native type into or click activities from UiPath.
The Activity Inject JS Script Executes JavaScript code in the context of the web page corresponding to a UiElement.

Portions Covered

  • Navigate on the Webpage (Go to Bottom of the Page)
  • Perform basic Data Entry (Type Into)
  • Perform Clicks (Click)
  • Get Data from webpage (Get Text, Get Structured Data)


  • Reduce usage of spying modes
  • faster execution on web pages
  • greatter flexibility and smaller automation pages.
Inject JS: Go to Bottom of Page using JS

Inject JS: Enter Data and Perform Click
Inject JS: Get Data

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