What’s New in Blue Prism v 6.7?

Recently (Feb 2020) #BluePrism launched it’s v6.7 which is a minor upgrade from older (if I may Say) v6.6.

Let’s have a look at what has changed!

FRENCH Language Support:

As it has been in roadmap of blueprism to provide multiple language support, BP has finally delivered FRENCH language support for it’s native application. Now just before logging in to your BP application, You can choose the language for UI Layer.

BP Change Language Button

Upon clicking the change language button, you can choose different languages supported by BP which includes FRENCH as well.

Language Options

Improved dashboard and charting capabilities :

Blue Prism has done away with it’s older boring dashboard and brought in more colors into it. The new dashboard looks cool as compared to the older ones. Particularly now the charts are more intuitive and Customers can now create line charts as well as bar, column, pie and gauge charts. This enhancement increases the functionality of the home page dashboard, as well as providing a more modern look and feel to the product.

New Look of Dashboard with colors
New Chart types added to Dashboard Tiles.

BP has also given additional out of the box tiles for users to play around with for advanced analytics and better usage of the dashboard functionality.

Direct Integration to Digital Exchange and Additional tabs:

Additional tabs

There are 2 new tabs in BP. The first one named Digital Exchange is more for a futuristic purpose wherein direct integration to DX would be possible. It could also pave the way towards a WEB BASED control room feature with source repository added via DX in future which is much in demand from various customers.

BP has also separated the My Profile page which provides an option to change password and log out of BP software on the go.

Online Product Help

The help section has been made web-based built on HTML5. When you click the help section on top of the tool, it opens a new browser based help menu for easy accessibility. Another addition to this section is, the help menu is now personalized to tabs. If you open help menu from studio tab, it opens up studio section of the help menu.

The most important part of this online help is that you can download the help section offline as well as you can share the online help with your colleagues as well.

An organization can also opt to either use online help section or use the offline help after downloading the help files over disk or intranet and letting blueprism know where the offline help is. The help files will be uploaded to the Customer Portal and accessible from the product release, so customers can find the files if required. This feature is more helpful for organization with Internet access control .

Help menu
Web Based Help Menu

Performance Improvements:

Blue Prism 6.7 also comes with significant improvements in speed of operations ( in terms of the time taken to perform the below tasks as compared to Blue Prism V 6.4.3a)

  • Open the studio tab ~ 50-70% Faster*
  • Expand the default process and object folders ~99% Faster*
  • Select and load a process in the process tree ~ 65-80% Faster*
  • Select and Load an Object in the objects tree – 65-80% Faster*

* The Figures are indicative only and actual performance may vary depending on the network latency and environment configuration.

More security enhancements :

As part of providing a product built with security in mind, Blue Prism has made improvements to the way customers can secure their environments, specifically their application server configuration files. Blue Prism 6.7 now provides the ability to apply certificate-based encryption to server config files. This feature gives users the ability to apply stronger levels of security which they can update more frequently, providing greater protection of potentially sensitive information and allowing Blue Prism to follow internal security policies more easily.

Read More about this feature here.

There has been lot of tweaks in the BP software itself to make life easier for developers some of which are :

  • The FILE->Import menu has been changed to allow users to import more than 1 process/object/packages at a time. Further the menu has also been divided into 2 parts namely as Import Process/Object and Import release/skills
  • Public holidays for France and Canada are now available in calendars by selecting the required region in the System > Calendar settings
  • Re-entering of password while setting up credentials has been added.
  • Audit logs has been enhanced to log credential specific changes.
  • Firefox 68 is now fully compatible with Blue Prism.
  • Enhancement in queues to enable users to add items to queue in batches instead of whole collection.

Apart from the changes listed above there are many minor bug fixes and enhancements which make the user experience with BP more better and make developers happy !!!

You can read the entire release notes for Blue Prism v6.7 here.

Happy Learning!

Credits: Blue Prism Team , Josh Noble for the inputs.

Source: Release Notes

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