Deciphering the Decipher – A Step towards Next Gen Document Automation

Recently, I got a chance to interact with Josh Noble (Practice Director, US Life Sciences & Defense at Blue Prism) and we had an interesting discussion around Blue Prism and how it has taken/plan to take RPA to a whole new level with addition of latest components. During the discussion , we also had a chance to talk about the much awaited Intelligent Document Processing solution (To be LAUNCHED) named Decipher and the potential impact it may have for businesses. Josh was gracious enough to let me have a glimpse at the internal Decipher Beta version.

What is Decipher: According to , it means “to discover the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to trace or understand)” . As per Blue Prism, it’s a full fledged solution which will provide intelligent document processing capabilities to blueprism customers and it’s planned to be be provided free of cost (can be downloaded from digital exchange) when it’s available.

An extract from about capabilities of Blue Prism Decipher
An extract from about capabilities of Blue Prism Decipher

Decipher is introduced and much adduced to clean documents to ensure that they are ready for processing, apply machine learning to classify the documents, and then to extract the data. Finally, it will apply a confidence score to the validity of the data extracted and pass to a business user where necessary, incorporating human-in-the-loop assisted learning. As a first step towards achieving this goal, decipher is expected to start with invoice processing in Beta phase, and expand to other type of documents in later revisions.

How will it be delivered?

  • Decipher is planned to be delivered via the DX which will have a combination of some processes and objects.
  • Decipher will have an admin panel to train your model data, manage user access , select the fields to be extracted from the document and to configure various regional/global settings like language selection, features to be enabled along with many other features.
  • It will also have a dashboard to provide you with various reports along with ability to correct the errors and data validations raised by the document parser and thereby supporting assisted learning.

Few Interesting points observed during the conversation:

  • Decipher should be in customer BETA in a few weeks
  • Decipher is FREE for BP customers who already have purchased a valid Blue Prism license either through it’s partners or through Blue Prism directly.
  • Decipher can be extended through Skills just like the core platform. The first skill is MS Form recognizer to build new ML models with fewer document samples.
  • Decipher is not a direct competitor to sophisticated document processing tools like ABBYY, but is supposed to be a foundation that can be extended with those technologies as needed.

Here is a glimpse of how the assisted learning (Data Verification) section of Decipher will look like.

Pic Credits: Josh Noble, Blue Prism

Have a look at the detailed product roadmap from Blue Prism for future upgrade and future inclusions on new features .

Credits: Josh Noble, Blue Prism Team.

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