Containerizing Blue Prism: The Demo Part 2

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.

-John Quincy Adams

This is the second Demo of the series “Containerizing Blue Prism” using docker and probably the last one before we deep dive to understand how to set up the same. If you are still with me in this journey, then most probably you are among those few who actually believe in the above quote.

In case you have not seen the previous videos of this series, then my request would be to at least have a look at the Introduction & Demo Part1 Videos before proceeding.

In this demo, we will be using a single Windows Docker Machine as a Master and a Linux docker Machine as a Node. The Windows Docker Machine will host two instances of Blue Prism Servers, and the Linux Machine will host a single instance of SQL Server for Blue Prism DB. As usual, we will interrupt the communication between the BP Servers and Clients and check how robust is the architecture.

If you have any questions regarding the solution or need any clarification you can drop me a note to me by E-MAIL.

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