Upgrading Blue Prism to v6.6

Upgrading anything requires a lot of planning, checkpoints and execution. If executed well, all is fine, But if for some reasons it fails, you may need to have a proper fall back plan so that the system can be restored back to its previous state.

Some key Features of Blue Prism 6.6

  • Data Gateway enhancements that allow for more data flexibility : When Data Gateways are unable to send data to an endpoint, this is recorded in a file to be resent when the endpoint becomes available. This ensures that data is retained in the event of an endpoint becoming unexpectedly unavailable
  • FIPS compliance for increased security : Blue Prism has been updated to enforce FIPS ( Federal Information Processing Standards ) compliance as an add on feature to enable the organizations which want to deploy according to FIPS standards use Blue Prism tool efficiently.
  • Ability to send work queue analysis snapshots : This feature allows you to send your work queue snapshot data to external endpoints alongside session logs, published dashboards and custom object data. This increases the amount of data that can be sent out of Blue Prism to be used in external reporting tools and/or data storage systems.  
  • Database maintenance and archiving improvements – Improvements have been made to various parts of the session log archiving feature. The mechanism that transfers data between server and client has been changed to split large data packets, resulting in improved efficiency. The improvements made in these areas will reduce the amount of information stored within the Blue Prism database and will allow you to maintain your databases more effectively. 

Points to Note before Upgrade:

  • Blue Prism 6.6 doesn’t require any new license key unless you are upgrading from v4.2 or earlier.
  • Take a backup of the Blue Prism Database(s) before you upgrade. – Contact your DB admin to perform this procedure as a full/incremental backup as per need.
  • Export all the process/objects into a BP release just in case you roll back, it may be handy.
  • Objects and processes exported from version 6.6 cannot be used in previous versions of Blue Prism. This is because the format in which objects and processes are stored has been optimized to reduce their size in the database. All new objects and processes created in version 6.6 will utilize the new format and pre-existing objects and processes will be updated to the new format when they are opened in version 6.6.
  • If you have upgraded Blue Prism to version 6.6 on an Application Server and you have multiple services configured, then you may find that the non-Default server connection services are not starting. WORK AROUND

Known Issues: Blue Prism Portal Link for Known Issues


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