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Intellibot, an India based RPA Software Company recently made its debut as a strong performer in the Forrester’s Wave for Q4, 2019.

From Top to Bottom: Srikanth Vemulapally , Alekh Barli and Kushang Moorthy . A pic taken during their early days at intellibot.io

RPATools team got a chance to meet the Co-Founder and CEO of Intellibot , Mr. Alekh Barli at Hyderabad, India at their success party.

We got chance to talk to him in general about the product capability , road map and what’s in store for the future. Here is a transcript of the conversation for you to read.

RPATools: Hello Alekh, Thank you for sparing time for our little conversation.

Alekh: Pleasure is mine Vivek – Glad to be here

RPATools: So how do you feel after carving your place amongst the strong performers in the leading analyst RPA evaluation report.

Alekh: Feels Great Vivek, I should thank my entire team who were dedicated and focused on the set goal. Kushang Moorthy and Srikanth Vemulapally share this success equally as they have steered the engineering and delivery teams for this moment.

RPATools: What is your Point of view on the integration of AI capabilities into the traditional RPA Software? Would such a strategy be a key differentiator ?

Alekh: A very well placed question, Vivek. Currently, there is much promotion going on to propagate artificial intelligence and its applied capabilities but in an inflated manner. INTELLIBOT preserves this thought in a very logical way. Automation is a comprehensive initiative, infuse AI/ML only when there is a need to address decision-making activity during the automation life-cycle which I call Narrow intelligence. So we are a PURE-PLAY Automation platform with all attended and unattended abilities with mature ML components that complement the E2E automation.
Of course, it will be a prominent differentiator as a product and business strategy, but firms have to be vigilant on how to build the AI strategy, how much to immerse, define the expectations and outcomes. Else we have seen many real-life examples of AI initiative are stuck in a time loop.

RPATools: Do you think the pricing model will dictate the market in near future? How do you see the pricing models of all RPA tools evolve going forward?

Alekh: From my purview, The automation pricing per BOT is on the unreasonable side. When using technology, one should have free thought and free volume to apply automation without descaling or reserving automation opportunities only due to cost factors. It is just like today you are provided with large data packages on your mobile connection, which you never consume, but you have peace of mind that you have enough data pool available. The word UNLIMITED always brings a smile on your face, and INTELLIBOT is not far behind as we have an enterprise offering, which gives you the possibility to use unlimited bots for extensive automation across every business vertical, support function and IT processes with segregated secure environments respectively.
Likely the pricing is going to transform into one value pack that addresses all your automation needs, and INTELLIBOT has crafted and enterprise license that costs USD 150 K for unlimited automation (unlimited bots) and value packs namely Scale and Grow packages respectively to add incremental value on the additional service offered.
Transaction pricing will take prominence as industry-specific, function-specific products are being created, which can be used without locking with a platform or a vendor to show the actual competence and ability of the automation platform.

RPATools: Who is your target audience?

Alekh: We have crafted a very clear GTM by segmenting the markets, segmenting the processes, and choosing specific business verticals. India and the Asian region host the majority of MSP and GCC establishments as part of their extended outsourcing and offshoring strategy.
INTELLIBOT sports Multi-tenancy and bank-grade security as its inherent features, which makes us a perfect nominee for managed services and GCC environments.
Our focus is on 3 business sectors that have a broad scope for automation.
• Business sectors: Healthcare, Telecommunication, Banking and Finance
• Support processes: IT Ops, HR Ops
• Products: GDPR (Compliance Ops)

RPATools: How do you intend to target them?

Alekh: Most of the MSP’s and GCC’s operate in a Conventional setup when it comes to working with technology partners. The approach methodology is to share the Operational benefit, strategic benefit, and Management benefit, which covers the productivity-efficiency-accuracy in processes, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction – resource optimization in the market, and finally, business objective – future-proofing under organizational goals respectively.
They work with system/service integrators who are their technology partners. We are connected to these technology partners to position us within the GCC’s. We also have a strong professional, and corporate connect which are leveraged to showcase the capabilities of our platform. Design sprint completions and Hackathons are our favorite.

RPATools: How will you measure success during your journey?

Alekh: INTELLIBOT defines success when our customers are happy and talking good things about us. They are engaging with us to scale and extend the benefit to the entire ecosystem. There are tangible and intangible benefits that are identified before the automation initiative kickoff.
Tangible benefits are very straight forward like productivity increase, high accuracy, cycle time reduction, cost takeout, but they have to have a very clearly defined, denoted and accepted equation.
Intangible advantages that are extended to the end-users and Employees are around the time saved to learn, work-life balance, stress takeout, and convenience.

RPATools: How do you determine your demographic and how does it stand as of today?

Alekh: For now, we are focused in and around India. There are close to 8000+ managed services providers and 1250+ GCC’s in the subcontinent. This looks like enough scope and opportunity for us to grab. Our growing focus in on European Union and Middle East and Australia are aggressively exploring automation solutions.

RPATools: RPA space has seen lot of revamping recently, with new companies trying to establish their bases while UiPath leading the pack and leaving behind some of the major tools like BP and AA.

In such a fierce scenario, what is the strategy that you see could make INTELLIBOT successful and move up the ladder in the next 2-3 quarters?

Alekh: We have always presented our positioning about our interactions about our ability to build automation fast, our simple platform, and integration capabilities. I see that you have mentioned the top 3 leaders in the automation space and adjoined INTELLIBOT with them for the competition… I like this. We have a strong technology road map for 2022, and we are progressing faster than anticipated to cover the milestones and rephrase the new future. We are expanding our efforts and offerings in the IoT space and set up our cloud for extreme performance and ease of use. I want to keep our developing components and a new set of offerings in a little suspense. You will witness it soon on our platform as unique offering.

RPATools: What has changed in the last 2 quarters for you, seeing you move up the Forester wave ?

Alekh: We as a team hand one single objective to work on building capabilities, components and let the result speak for our ability. We were watching the market to study the approach but not imitate them. Our entire concentration was to listen to our customer challenges and building solutions that can be easily replicated across all functions and business units.

RPATools: Thank you Alekh for your insights on present automation Industry & congratulations on being recognized as a distinguished platform amongst the automation landscape. We hope to see you as a Leader in next quarters.

Alekh: Thank you Vivek for having me on this conversation. Yes, INTELLIBOT is looking forward to many more success stories with its resilient capabilities, inclusive platform, and simplistic persona.

We Wish Alekh and Team all the best for their journey and hope to have a full length insights on tool features and capabilities available on our platform soon.

Stay tuned to more updates. If you wish to ask any query to Alekh, Please write to us by clicking here.

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