Delete a Process in Blue Prism

While Deleting process from Process Studio, getting following Error message “An error occurred while deleting the process: Could not delete the process. This process has been run before and is required for audit”.

This message occurs because Blue Prism internally maintains some data for audit trails (Archive Logs) whenever a process is run.

To delete the process (Example: mfe) from Process Studio, first you need to delete it from System | Archiving Window. Once you are in Archiving Tab, Select the Process from the right-hand side including the “_debug” file and all the subfiles corresponding to that process.




Once Selected all the corresponding files of that process click on Delete Button. Deleting Process from Archiving Window gives you following message saying that “Archive operation complete”.


Click OK and Click on Save Button to Save the changes.

Now go to Studio Tab again and Right click on the Process (Example: mfe) and Delete Process with appropriate comments.



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