Get Started with Kofax RPA (KAPOW)

Automate Business Processes with Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation

If you want to understand whether Kofax Kapow is a good fit for automating those repetitive tasks, and the following video webinar provides some examples of processes and actions that Kofax Kapow can automate.

Some of the examples will include: Four-way Matching with Vendor Contracts; Tax ID, Sales Tax, etc.; Verification; Automation of Lead Generation and Sales Processes; Evaluation of Sales Leads to Project Conversion Rate; Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding; or just integrating almost any two systems, even without the benefit of a functioning API.

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Kofax RPA in Action

If you wish to see how it takes less than few minutes to perform Web Automation in 4 Minutes with Kofax Kapow RPA by Jasper C Miller:

The following video turns an online currency converter into a REST web service in less than five minutes using no third party applications or desktop environments. All visual point-and-click development using Kofax RPA.

Happy Learning!!!

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