RPA Use Case Ideas practice-1: Stock Picker

Project 1:

Problem Statement:
Need to extract the latest news and latest stock price for listed stocks.

Beginner Level Steps:

1- Have an excel Sheet with the some stock names in It.
2- Go to Google finance page (https://www.google.com/finance) and search the Stock name in it.
3- Pick the Stock name by clicking on exact stock from the drop-down when you type in the stock name in search bar.
4- Pick up current price, the exchange where stock was listed
5- Go to News section and pick up the latest headline for the stock.

6- Go to Yahoo Finance Page (https://finance.yahoo.com/)
7- Search for the stock in the search bar.
8- Pick the Stock name by clicking on exact stock from the drop down when you type in the stock name in search bar.
9- Pick up current price for the stock.

10 – Write all the values picked to excel file as final output.

Intermediate Level Steps:

1- Perform the beginner steps as it is.
2- Once done, enhance the current flow such that, you are able to get the exchange name from the stock picker in yahoo finance page .
3- try to pick up as much data as possible for all the stocks listed.

Advanced Level Steps:

1- Perform all the beginner and intermediate level steps.
2- Once done, play around the stocks and enhance the flow so that it can pick up stocks even if we don’t provide the exact stock code, Example, Instead of SIA if I write Singapore Airlines, then also it should be able to extract details regarding the stock.
3- Download historical data for every stock from yahoo finance page and do a comparison for last 2 months drop/rise in prices and perform calculations to provide weekly change in price in the same excel file.


1- The use case can be performed using any tool.
2- It’s upto the person automating to apply best practices and make the code much robust using one’s imagination.

3- You may change the format of excel file and change the names of stocks . You may also consider using Short codes for stocks or full names depending upon your expertise level.

Points to remember/TIPS:

1- The stock picker in google finance and yahoo finance may give a sweet headache and need some degree of hit and trail for perfection. You may have to use different selector,attributes for selecting the stock.
2- The page may not be recognized second time when you run this automation. Hence pay attention to the correct web-page being attached.
3- You may consider using a config/Master file to choose what details to extract for which stock (Advanced users only)
4- Consider using queues and have proper logging .


Note:  If you need a fair evaluation of your project by us (Free of Cost), you may send us the package/release file as per the procedure below:

1- Put all your files in a folder.

2- Zip the folder, Name it as “Stock Picker_<Your Name>.ZIP” (Ex: “Stock Picker_John_Kenedy.ZIP”) .

3- Send the file as an attachment by clicking on the link here. 

4- You can also mail us your submissions by sending us an email at “content@rpatools.com” with subject line as “Stock Picker_Evaluation”


Happy Coding and Happy Experimenting.

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