Meetup Notification: Singapore, Pavel Gimelberg with Singtel (28th Feb 2019)

Meetup Location: Singapore

Meetup Date: 28th February 2019

Meetup Time: 6PM -8:30 PM

Meetup Venue: 20 Pickering St, Singapore

Organized by: Pavel Gimelberg In Partnership with Singtel

How to Register : Register your Interest here

Excerpt from Linkedin:

I am excited to announce our fourth event at Singapore RPA meetup group that is going to happen on 28th February (Thursday) at 6pm. Special thanks to Kerry Williams and Singtel team to offer us a great venue. Previous events had a decent attendance and was extremely valuable based on the feedback I received. Let’s repeat this success. This time we are going to talk about the topic we haven’t discussed previously in any of our events – BPM vs RPA, how these tools connected to each other and should one combine them together to get great results or choose one over another. We are going to hear about practitioners experience as well as a view of BPM and RPA vendors on this topic. Please, join us at our meetup website or send me a private message to be included in the mailing list if for some reasons you can’t join through the meetup page. I am looking forward to our next event! Ronen Lamdan Richard Jones Krishna Prasad Durbha Kubendran PR Tomer Schwarts Andra Malina Platon David Neo I will be waiting for you guys. Peter Whitaker and Luke McCormack – it would be great if you can pop in to share your views on the topic.


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