Blue Prism Launches Maintenance Release 6.4.1

BP has Launched some valuable enhancements with a Blue Prism maintenance release version, 6.4.1 via the customer portal. As per the notification, they encourage all 6.4 and earlier deployments to upgrade to v6.4.1 which includes several fixes and improvements, to ensure the most up-to-date user experience.

Highlights of the release include:

  • An update to the Blue Prism Chrome and Firefox browser extensions to allow a number of previously unavailable websites to be successfully automated.
  • An update to the Work Queues Business Object to ensure only unique selections are returned if multiple machines are accessing the same work queue.
  • A change that prevents audit events being created every time an environment lock is released – only manual releases now produce audit events.

Please refer to the release notes for more details about v6.4.1 features.

Accessing 6.4.1 and associated user guides

You can download Blue Prism 6.4.1 and associated user guides from the customer portal under the Products tab.

Upgrading to 6.4.1

Blue Prism 6.4.1 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from version 4.2 or earlier. For information about applying the update to existing environments and further details about the changes introduced in the release, refer to the Release Notes.

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