How to decide RPA Project worth to Invest(Cost Benefit Analysis)? – By Sandeep Dhanda

In RPA project discovery phase, It is essential to calculate cost benefit analysis and payback period to determine it is worth to invest in project.

Cost contains:

  1. Payroll/Enablement cost for development of RPA Project.
  2. Infrastructure Cost(VDI/Desktop for hosting solution and RPA Tool license cost)
  3. Operation Support Cost (Once project is live and supported by production support/operational team)

Benefit Contains:

  1. FTE Automated Cost saving.
  2. Non tangible benefits like less error in processing, better efficiency and productivity, matching SLA etc.

So, lets take example of below opportunity our benefit is 25K in FY19 and 38K in FY20 is worth to invest.


Thumb rule for payback period, if start getting benefit in:

6 month : It is excellent case for automation.

1 Year: It is good case for automation.

2 Years: It is not good case for automation:

Keep learning and share your feedback.!!!!!

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