How to calculate effort estimation in RPA project? – By Sandeep Dhanda

It is very essential to calculate RPA estimation for:

  1. Doing cost benefit analysis to determine go ahead with automation.
  2. Determining project cost/schedule and track progress based upon it

Discovery Phase: During the phase only high level requirements are known and it is very hard to provide accurate estimation. It can based upon:

  1. Expert Judgement or similar project done by organization in past(Analogous Technique).

It can vary from -15% to 50%.

Planning Phase : It is phase where all requirement are clear and sign off is received from SME on requirements.

  1. Bottom to Up Technique: It is most accurate technique where each task is sub divided in small small component until it can’t subdivided(lowest level). Provide the estimate from bottom to up. Determine any risk associated with project to take into consideration while finalizing baseline efforts estimation.

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