Automation Anywhere- Best Coding Practices – By Sandeep Dhanda


Some of identified best coding practices in automation anywhere.

  1. Variables: Use of meaning full and proper naming convention for task and variables.No hard coded data within Variables.
  2. Task: Follow maximum 300-500 lines of code in one task.
  3. Comments: Use meaning full comment for better maintainability.
  4. Security: Uses of credential vault and encryption of sensitive data.
  5. Exception Handling: Use of error handling to capture error line, description and screen shot to easily fix the issue.
  6. Wildcard (*): Use wildcard (*) or variables in Window Title to avoid further issues in BOT.
  7. Internal Delay – Keystrokes: When using special keystrokes, use at least a 50 ms internal delay for all commands that involve setting text.
  8. Window Actions: Use ‘Maximize Window’ command on all windows and applications to increase portability.
  9. Delay: Do not use unnecessary Delay commands. Rather use ‘Window Exists’ and ‘Timeouts’ options in object cloning.
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