10 Key Challenges in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – By Sandeep Dhanda

  1. Fear of job loss: Some business people are not supportive of automation and think it could eat their job. It is challenge to get their support during implementation and UAT of process automation.
  2. Skilled resource availability: Due to RPA various tool availability in market, quick upgrades in tools and tool preference in organization to organization are some challenge to get skilled resources and retain.
  3. Ownership: Mostly it is observed issue in ownership of automation between technical and business team.
  4. Expensive infrastructure and licenses cost: Due is expensive infrastructure and licenses cost, it can’t fit everywhere from ROI prospective. In some countries you can get resources at low cost.
  5. Infrastructure Issues: It is observed due infrastructure issue, lot of automation don’t work correctly after some patch update and moving code from one environment to another
  6. Auto changing Credential before expiry: Keeping secure and making sure only ROBO know the password is a key challenge in most of RPA tool.
  7. Limitation of tools: It is found that most tool won’t work for case like captcha, flex application, hand written pdf etc and make it hard to automate process 100%.
  8. Target Application: Due to upgrade in application, continuous enhancement is needed and which is associated with payroll cost.
  9. Optimal ROBO utilization and meeting SLA : It is always a challenge to use ROBO optimise and automatically meeting the SLA requirement based upon spike up and down in transactions from compliance and cost prospective.
  10. Short term solution: It provides immediate relief and benefit, long term solution requires frequent process eradication and optimization.

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