UiPath Launches 2018.4 LTS Version

UiPath has launched its LTS version 2018.4 which it claims to offer multiple features to help users in terms of security, agility, scalability, and improved developer experiences.

The 2018.4 version was long awaited LTS version since the last stable (LTS) release 2016.2 and claims to include all the stabilized features from last 4 releases.


Some important Enhancements:


  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) support :

The 2018.4 version supports SAML 2.0 which allows Orchestrator to handle both single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

  • Smart Card Support:

This was the most sought after feature. Earlier versions of UiPath failed to support smartcard based unattended robo logins. UiPath claims to have addressed this feature in the latest LTS version.


  • SAP Automation:

This version has added API-based automation component which can be directly included into the workflows to integrate with SAP BAPI . This automation component is more reliable, secure and flexible for the automation of any complex SAP-based business process. It is easy to implement as it requires no coding.

  • Google Suite:

While No other competitor has come up with a fully equipped package for Google Suite, UiPath is the first to do so.

The initial set of 16 activities (for Gmail, Drive, and Sheets) include file access, sending and receiving emails, and read/write operations for cells, columns, rows, ranges, & files in Sheets. This automation component is available via UiPath Go!

UIPath also claims to add activities related to Calendar and Docs to the set soon!

  • Native Citrix XenApp Support:

UiPath has enhanced the Citrix support beginning with XenApp so that automations may be performed natively without the need for OCR. This means many existing UI Automation activities are supported and Citrix automation is faster and more reliable.

  • Document understanding improvements:

UiPath has enhanced the OCR facility with additional features like Digitize Documents and Validation Station to improve the experience.

You may read the full article here which lists all the enhancements.

The release notes can be downloaded from here.

Details regarding the product life cycle can be found here.

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