Evaluation of Intellibot: Intellibot Completes 1 year in Market

The automation economy has arrived and is here to stay.  Technology is evolving, and so are Intellibot, with huge platform updates, more faster, versatile secure and integrated solutions, bots have just got more sharper and more intelligent.

Alekh Barli, CEO of Intellibot published a post on 1 year completion of enterprise launch of the tool.

We wish them all the best in this fantastic achievement and on this occasion, I got a chance to look into the tool and evaluate purely as a developer.

Key Features:

Flexible Data Transformation,  Orchestrator,  RBAC compliance, RDA support, Common governance, Multi-Tenancy and Industry first features like action sets which combine multiple actions to reduce integration and development time with better Exception-Handling across process workflows in seconds!

With Intellibot it was easy to tackle structured, semi-structured and unstructured data problems with their one of their most sought after Classification Bot and IntelliParser.

The most intriguing feature for me stood out to be ease of automation in Citrix environment. It worked like a charm. Whereas in other tools, this feature is more complex.

Due to their computer vision enabled design, Automating SAP was a piece of cakewalk when I compare it to different other tools.

I am yet to try their Cognitive Modelling Platform solutions which they claim to be one of the biggest, will keep posted on it.

Final Score from my Evaluation:

I would rate intellibot as below:

Ease of usage (For beginners):  8/10 (BP 7, UiPath 8, AA 8)

Ease of usage (For trained users):  9/10 (BP 8, UiPath 9, AA 9)

Integration Techniques and usability : 8.5/10 (BP 7.5, UiPath 9, AA 8)

Custom Code development: 7/10 (BP 8, UiPath 7.5, AA -N/A)

Development Time taken : 9/10 (BP 6, UiPath 9, AA – 8.5)

Debugging Techniques: 7/10 (BP 9 , UiPath 7, AA-8)

Ease of Navigation:  8/10 (BP 9, UiPath 7, AA- 6.5)

Knowledge Base Available: 6/10 (Bp 8, UiPath 9, AA- 8)

Key Connectors Availability : 8/10 (BP 7, UiPath 8, AA 8)

Re-usability Factor (Ease and Availability) : 7/10 (BP 9, UiPath 7, AA 8)

Overall Verdict: A Steady 7.5/10 from Developers point of view. Will publish different point of views in next posts.

Excerpt from his post on the anniversary:

“Our first year has been chaotically productive; there is a lot of excitement that we can’t wait to share with you. Here is a quick glimpse at all the features & developments we have added to our platform in the last 365 days. Enjoy! I would like to thank the following people who have influenced us directly and indirectly Craig Le Clair Phil Fersht Sarah Burnett Bram Weerts Pascal BORNET Mike Quindazzi RPA AI DigitalTransformation NLP ML predictiveanalytics IntellibotRPA ComputerVision yearbook anniversaries Srikanth Vemullapally Kushang Moorthy Bharat Madnani Vivek Nair Divya Rao Kartik Lanka

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Watch the video below about intellibot’s journey:

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