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Automation Anywhere was originally founded as Tethys Solutions, LLC in San Jose, California by Ankur Kothari, Mihir Shukla, Neeti Mehta, and Rushabh Parmani in 2003. The company re-branded itself as Automation Anywhere, Inc. in 2010. Currently valued at ~US $ 2.6 Billion with global employee strength of ~1200. It has received a total funding of – US $550 Million (Series A) till Nov 2018.

It has operations in over 18 countries across the world and ranked as one of the global leaders as per Forrester Report of Q2, 2018.

Company Website:  Automation Anywhere

Key Profiles:

Key People Linkedin URLs:

Ankur Kothari

Abhijit Kakhandiki

Mihir Shukla

Neeti Mehta

Gary Conway

Rushabh Parmani

Clyde Hosein – CFO – December 2017 – San Jose, CA

Latest Key Recruits :

Prince Kohli : CTO – October 2018 – San Jose, CA

Key Products/Features:

BOTFARM:  Bot Farm has been touted as the first RPAS (RPA as a Service) in RPA industry. It provides enterprise grade platform for BOTS on DEMAND. BotFarm delivers on-demand RPA with scalability, elasticity, resilience – designed for the enterprise

IQBOT: IQBot is intended to deliver cognitive RPA capabilities through Automation Anywhere. It claims to have the ability to learn from human behavior by means of training to make out meaningful information from unstructured data. It enables the world of NLP (Natural language Processing) , ML (Machine Learning ) ,Fuzzy Logic, and Computer Vision inside Automation Anywhere.

Watch the webinar on Cognitive automation here.

BOT Insight: It’s the tool which provides embedded analytics at the bot, process and business levels from Automation Anywhere.

It’s an out of the box business analytics solution which can be enabled by jut a click of button. It provides deep insights into bot performance, statistics and also provides option for customized analytics over your automated business process.

BOT Store:  This is the marketplace provided by Automation Anywhere to enable you get connectors for different type of application out of the box . Example of some connectors include, github, SAP, ORACLE ERP’s etc.


More than 1100 global customers including Synergy, Google, Unilever, Juniper, ANZ, Tesco, DELLEMC, Master Card, ING, Dimension Data . For details on more customers please click here.

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