Blue Prism 6.4 is available now for all implementations

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Blue Prism 6.4 is available now for all implementations

Blue Prism is excited to announce the availability of Blue Prism version 6.4, featuring Intelligent Automation Skills. Now you can download the best-in-class AI, cognitive and disruptive technologies from the new Blue Prism Digital Exchange and instantly access them in the Blue Prism Design Studio. Through simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily build an automated process including your choice of AI, OCR, Machine Learning, Process Mining, and much more. That means no coding is necessary to build custom, intelligent automations with unparalleled security.

The features in the latest release enable an intelligent, connected and easy-to-control Digital Workforce, endowed with Intelligent Automation Skills to drive real growth in today’s markets:

  • Skills – Allows the easy import and use of packaged Web APIs. Once downloaded from the Digital Exchange, Skills can easily be imported into Blue Prism, making the functionality available in Object Studio and Process Studio from the new Skills toolbar. The toolbar arranges Skills into their respective categories providing easy access to use the skill, via drag-and-drop functionality, in any process.
  • Web APIs – Provides a simple UI for configuring Web API definitions which can be used to call out to and authenticate against third-party web services, such as Cloud AI capabilities. Web APIs can also be shared between environments in the same way as Objects and Processes. Web APIs offer the flexibility to call a variety of 3rd party services, including cognitive AI capabilities from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.
  • Firefox browser support – Native support for automating web pages and applications in Firefox is provided through the use of a new Blue Prism Firefox extension. This feature enables the accelerated development of process automations targeted at Web Apps and sites presented in Firefox.

Release documentation

The following new documents are available for Blue Prism 6.4:

  • v6.4 User Guide – Web APIs
  • v6.4 Data Sheet – Intelligent Automation Skills
  • v6.4 Data Sheet – Native Chrome and Firefox Integration (this is a replacement for v6.3 Data Sheet – Chrome Extension).

Upgrading to Version 6.4

In order to get the greatest business value from your Blue Prism platform, it is necessary to upgrade to version 6.4 today. Blue Prism 6.4 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from Version 4.2 or earlier. Information on applying the update to existing environments, as well as more detail on the new features of the release, please refer to the v6.4 Release Notes.

If you are on a version of the Blue Prism platform prior to 6.0 and are interested in being contacted about an upgrade to 6.4, please email BP at and we’ll be in touch soon.

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