RPA vs Test Automation Tools

Post by : Deepak Sharma

Christian raised an interesting discussion topic on RPA group forum – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8446902/8446902-6227072135182065668

Chrisitan wrote –

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion either a Test Automation Framework is similar to a RPA Software or not. 

Some of the Test Automation Frameworks can also create bots to run the tests. 

What do you mean are the most important differences and probably also the mutualities?

Or do you probably use RPA Software for test applications?

Since I have extensive background in test automation and also I’ve been recently learning 2 of the most popular RPA tools, below is my quick analysis on this comparing test automation tools with RPA tools. Please feel free to provide feedback if you are an RPA tool expert. Also, please bear in mind that this comparison is essentially based on structured data/rule based process automation. Any cognitive capability offerings in RPA tools is certainly a clear winner and beyond the scope test automation tools.


Refer to original Discussion here.

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