Announcement: Blue Prism 5.0.35 is now available


Blue Prism 5.0.35 is now available

This maintenance release includes several fixes and improvements and is the currently recommended upgrade for 5.0.34 deployments. The release is the third in a series of three, with 6.3.1 and 6.2.2 already released.

The Release Notes provide details of the improvements and include important information about valid future upgrade paths for deployments that take this release.

Highlights of the release include:

  • A number of database query optimizations have been applied, particularly in relation to Schedules, Tasks, work queue status’ and log entries. As a result, users may experience an improved level of performance when carrying out a number of common actions.
  • The default timeout limit for communications between Runtime Resources and the Application Server been extended to reduce the likelihood of a Resource incorrectly appearing Offline, particularly in virtualized deployments.
  • Improvements to the speed at which data is retrieved, populated and displayed within the Scheduler UI.
  • A new setting has been added to scheduled tasks that adds an optional delay at the end of the task, causing the scheduler to pause before the next task commences. This can be used allow actions that affect the state of the Runtime Resource (such as Login or Log out) to complete before subsequent actions are performed and avoid errors such as Command not valid at this time – resource stopping.

Accessing version 5.0.35 and User Guides

You can download Blue Prism 5.0.35 and associated User Guides from on the customer portal, under Products > Releases.

Upgrading to Version 5.0.35

Blue Prism 5.0.35 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from Version 4.2 or earlier. Information on applying the update to existing environments, as well as more detail on the new features of the release, please refer to the 5.0.35 Release Notes.

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